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Accusatory Penal System

know your rights

It is a criminal procedure system that seeks to resolve criminal acts in less time, in which there is equality of the parties. In this system, the prosecutor, the defense and the victim have equal opportunities to be heard and decisions are made by an independent and impartial judge.

Given this, we offer you expert advice, filing complaints, and defense against criminal charges.

The right to defense is a basic guarantee of due process, and with them the right of every accused person to exercise an effective defense is recognized. This right is exercised from the moment in which the person is apprehended or the charges of imputation are formulated and throughout the entire process.

This exercise of defense is concretized from the moment in which the person is threatened or their freedom of movement is limited, due to a criminal proceeding.


We offer you

  • Power of Representation before accusations or accusations against you.

  • Filing of Criminal Complaints

  • Assistance before any type of diligence for which you are required.

  • Advice before the presentation of precautionary measures.

  • Support of Appeal Resources

  • Extraordinary Resources (Habeas Corpus or Guarantee Amparos)

  • Representation before hearings

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