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Trabajadores en el área de almacén


Oliver Batista Guerra & Asociados, Abogados provides legal advice in various areas of labor law, litigation, negotiations. Our experience in this area of law is extensive, advice on general labor relations, maritime labor law, relations originating in certain activities, for example, financial, commercial, mining, energy generation and distribution, tourism, construction and infrastructure development. among other.

Our services, without being limited to those mentioned, include:

  • Advice to organize labor relations

  • Drafting of employment contracts

  • Drafting, management and processing of Internal Regulations and modifications

  • Registration procedures with Social Security

  • Representation and advice in proceedings before Social Security for audits

  • Work permit application for a foreigner

  • Advice on the calculation of liquidations and labor benefits

  • Pension Consulting

  • Advice on Unemployment Fund

  • labor audits

  • Representation and advice on individual labor conciliations

  • Drafting, review of termination of employment relationship

  • Representation in Negotiation of Collective Agreements

  • Response to petitions

  • Representation in Labor Arbitration

  • Representation in labor litigation

  • Legal advice on trade union matters


Benefits for workers in accordance with labor laws in Panama

Labor laws in Panama also define the benefits of an employee, which include the following:

  • Vacations: according to article 177 of the Labor Code, workers are entitled to 30 days of paid vacations per year.

  • Bonus Salary: Employees are entitled to a bonus equal to one month's salary each year. This bonus is divided into 3 parts and is paid on April 15, August 15 and December 15.

  • Social security: companies in Panama must comply with social security obligations. They must make contributions for employees' health insurance to the social security authority, the Caja de Seguro Social (Social Security Fund), as well as applicable pensions and unemployment benefits.

  • Maternity Leave: During pregnancy, female employees can receive paid maternity leave up to 6 weeks before the birth and paid leave up to 8 weeks after.

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