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We offer professional services for obtaining migratory visas: Tourist Visas, Short Stay Visas, Temporary Residences, Permanent Residences, Retiree or Pensioner Residence, Retired Rentista Residence.

In addition   obtaining work permits for foreigners residing in the country


In Panama, the regulatory body responsible for approving work permit applications is the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development. The process for obtaining a work permit is linked to your immigration status, so if you want to apply for a work permit, it is important to bear in mind that you must first manage an immigration process that gives you the opportunity to obtain a Temporary Residence. or Permanent Residence.


Our migration and naturalization service includes consulting and procedures before the immigration authorities of Panama related to visas, work permits, study visas, permit extensions, entry and exit permits, residence and naturalization procedures, procedures for special residences , such as residence in Panama for pensioners or retirees.


  • Valid passport with at least 3 months prior to its expiration date.

  • Return ticket or documents to enter another country of destination.

  • Economic solvency.

Panama requires a Tourist Visa to some countries, it can be obtained at Panamanian consulates abroad, it is required that the passport must be valid for at least 90 days before the date of travel.


Candidates must certify that they receive at least a monthly pension of USD $1,000. Married couples can apply jointly if the sum of their pensions is added to the minimum amount required. It is required to present a letter from the company or entity that certifies the status of retiree / pensioner, if this entity is private, its legal record must be attached, a copy of the last payments received (appropriations, checks), a document must also be attached that certifies the economic solidity of the company in charge of the retiree's/pensioner's pension.


We offer procedures for:


  • Immigration procedures in which we provide our advice and representation:


  • Tourist visa.

  • Tourist visa extension.

  • Extension for change of immigration category.

  • Visa extension for passengers or crew members in transit.

  • Visa for passengers and crew of ships for recreational or tourism purposes.

  • Marine visa.

  • Visa for non-residents or temporary workers.

  • Domestic workers visa.

  • Short stay visa.

  • Short stay visa for business.

  • Short stay visa to visit relatives.

  • Short stay visa for researchers and scientists.

  • Short stay visa for medical treatment.

  • Short stay visa as merchants and investors by special laws.

  • Short stay visa for international humanitarian assistance.

  • Short stay visa for the banking sector.

  • show visa.


  • For economical reasons

  • Macro-company investor.

  • Own Economic Solvency.

  • Low economic solvency due to the opening of a fixed-term deposit.

  • Economic solvency for investment in real estate.

  • Economic solvency for mixed investment (fixed-term deposit and real estate).

  • Special Policies

  • Retired annuitant.

  • Retired and pensioned.

  • Forest investor.

  • Investor of the Panama-Pacific Economic Area

  • Investor in Export Processing Zones.

  • Call center investor for commercial use for export.

  • Investor in the film and audiovisual industry.

  • Permanent contract by the Panama Canal Authority.

  • Permanent contract per company in the Panama - Pacific Area.

  • Fulbright educational and cultural exchange program.

  • Demographic Reasons

  • As Married to a Panamanian.

  • Family reunification as married to a national.

  • Family reunification dependent on a permanent resident.

  • Family reunification as a foreigner with Panamanian children.

  • Special Laws

  • As a foreign professional.

  • Treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation between Panama and Italy.

  • Foreign nationals of specific countries that maintain friendly, professional, economic and investment relations with Panama.

  • As a diplomat, member of an international organization of countries that maintain friendly relations with Panama, who have ceased to provide services.


  • Labor Reasons

  • Personnel hired by companies under the Marrakesh Agreement.

  • Personnel hired as an executive in a company in the Colon Free Zone.

  • Personnel paid from abroad, who do not have diplomatic status.

  • Personnel hired by private companies within 10% of ordinary personnel.

  • Personnel hired as experts or technicians within 15% of specialized personnel.

  • Personnel hired as a correspondent for a media outlet paid abroad.

  • As an employee of aviation companies based in Panama.

  • As a sports professional.

  • Personnel hired by companies under contract with the government.

  • Government contracted staff.

  • Investment Reasons

  • Agricultural investor.

  • Forest investor.

  • Special Policies

  • Personnel hired by companies in the film and audiovisual industry.

  • As personnel hired by multinational companies.

  • As a researcher at the City of Knowledge Foundation.

  • As an entrepreneur or executive of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

  • As a teacher at the City of Knowledge Foundation.

  • As a City of Knowledge Foundation technician.

  • As a student of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

  • As contracted by the Panama Canal Authority.

  • As a subcontractor under contract with the Panama Canal Authority.

  • As contracted personnel in the Panama-Pacific Area.

  • As trusted personnel hired in the Panama-Pacific Area,.

  • As personnel hired in the Panama-Pacific Area that does not exceed fifteen 15% of ordinary workers.

  • As contracted personnel in the Panama-Pacific Area that does not exceed ten 10% of ordinary workers.

  • As personnel hired in the Panama-Pacific Area in favor of foreigners who work for companies with less than ten (10) workers.

  • As personnel hired in a position of trust, executives, experts and/or technicians in companies in Export Processing Zones.

  • As personnel hired in a position of trust, executives, experts and/or technicians in call center companies (Call Centers) for commercial use for export.

  • As personnel hired as executives of international companies, whose functions have effects abroad.

  • for education

  • First-time student admission (elementary, secondary, university, specializations).

  • Renewal of status as a student (primary, secondary, university, specializations).

  • As a participant in an educational program of a non-profit entity approved by the Ministry of Education.

  • religious reasons

  • As a religious at the service of the Catholic and Orthodox Church.

  • As a lay missionary at the service of the Catholic and Orthodox Church.

  • As a student to be a religious of the Catholic and Orthodox Church.

  • As authorities, ministers, rabbis, pastors, leaders or religious of other denominations or religious associations.

  • Family reunification

  • For Family Reunification.

We provide advice and representation in naturalization processes in the Republic of Panama.


  • Certification of exemption from payment of vehicle import taxes for retired annuitants, retired tourists and retired Panamanians abroad.

  • Temporary residence application for dependents of permanent residents.

  • Permanent resident for _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_religious reasons.

  • Permanent resident for economic reasons.

  • Refugee permanent residence.

Diosa Justiciera

Administrative law

Government procedures

We offer our clients complete advice in the administrative field. We represent our clients in their procedures with the State and its numerous agencies, including Municipal and Provincial authorities, Ministries, autonomous or semi-autonomous entities.

We process licenses and permits, registrations, certificates, inscriptions, concessions and petitions. Our lawyers and support team put their knowledge and experience at your disposal, so that your business project advances firmly and safely, towards business success.

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