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The history


The history of OBG & Asociados is born like that of any child who dreams of conquering the unattainable, traveling to the stars and knowing the unknown, and who with the maturity of the days that pass understands that it is useless to discover new worlds without the mentality of Serve those who need you.

It is so many years ago, a young entrepreneur from the province, decides to take the step to his professional training, with high faith and with the support of his parents, sets his destination to the big city.


And after many lessons this boy, now a man, obtains his license to practice law as a profession at the national level, and with this a hundred new experiences, knowledge and personal connections, which strengthen his thirst for entrepreneurship.

Now in partnership with extraordinary professionals, who see and understand the company's vision, we are ready to return what we have learned to our clients, and demonstrate day by day that when the goal is clear, and faith exists, things come at the right time. .

Oliver Batista Guerra

Founding Partner

#it lives



Provide our clients with the best legal advice service in the areas of our knowledge, proposing effective and personalized solutions, and accompanying them in making decisions based on the law, the doctrine of the courts and our experience, with the ultimate goal to achieve total satisfaction of their real needs and provide them with legal certainty; as well as the best service of representation and defense of the interests and image of our clients before the Public Administrations and the courts and tribunals of justice.


We aspire to position ourselves as one of the national benchmark firms, as the leading firm in the field in the community, as well as a service company that passes from generation to generation and is recognized for its high standards of quality and professionalism, and for its own prestige and reputation and that of its clients.

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